Writing GraphQL API's with .NET 5

David Wallin

Konsultchef .NET

Writing GraphQL API's with .NET 5

Webstep welcomes you to another competence evening with Erik Svensson who will talk about "What is GraphQL and why should you use it for your next .NET API project?"

We look at the fundamental differences between REST and GraphQL, and learn how a fully-featured GraphQL server can be implemented in .NET 5. We will also cover basic GraphQL syntaxes like queries, mutations and subscriptions. Along with migration strategies, use cases and my own experiences from solving business problems with GraphQL. Finally there will be plenty of room for discussion, as API design tends to be a hot topic among developers.

About the event

This is an online event that will be held in english.

When: 25/5 - 2021 Kl. 17.00

Registration for the event: Stockholm Meetup or Uppsala Meetup.

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