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Saif Al-Zobaydee

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After my Cloud Evangelist promotion at Webstep AB, I got a couple of questions about what an AWS Community Builder is. The questions were mainly about the benefits, and I can say if it’s only the benefits you are asking for, then maybe you are thinking of it from the other way around, but as many have asked, here is a little drill down.

What is AWS Community Builders?

It is a program organized by AWS, a unique opportunity that offers sessions including technical and non-technical knowledge sharing, networking with other AWS builders, insights into upcoming products, contact with the AWS service/product team, and much more.


Out of my personal experience

Working with different services makes you wonder why a particular feature is similar to another, missing, or placed somewhere. Regardless, it is empowering to ask that question about the said feature and get it answered by that service/product team. It feels like you have access to information that could change the course of designing a solution based on facts you’ve got from the service developers themselves.

Having that access does it for me! But hey, there is more!

Like this fun thing: seek minute 1:30 for a bit of surprise ;)

And no, I didn’t have any paper to read from at the end :)


Anything else?

They are plenty of benefits besides these that are copied directly from the community builder page (linked below):

  1. Access to AWS product teams and information about new services and features via weekly webinars
  2. Learning from AWS subject matter experts on a variety of non-technical topics, including content creation and support for submitting CFPs and securing speaking engagements
  3. AWS Promotional Credits and other helpful resources to support content creation and community-based work
  4. Some surprises!

For instance, that t-shirt you saw me wearing at the beginning of this article, for instance, was sent to me after some meetings with the community, a subscription to cloud tutorials, and yes, you read about the AWS Credits, but how about re:Invent? :)

Having your name listed on AWS, maybe?


AWS community - Webstep AB


Ask me or look into the AWS Community Builders program page for some FAQs & application submissions.


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