"It’s basically the culture, the atmosphere and the people I’ve met."

Veronika Sikorska

Data Scientist Stockholm

Meet Veronika. She’s part of our Analytics team in Stockholm. She’s a data scientist and also a professional piano player! Find out more about Veronika and what she likes about Webstep.

- Hi Veronika – tell us a little about yourself

I’m from Poland originally and I've been in Sweden for four years. I’ve been working at Webstep since January 2020. I have a BSc in computer science and a Master’s in machine learning. I started out with software development as data science wasn’t all that popular back then in smaller companies. I moved to Sweden in 2017, when I also began to switch to machine learning. I began in a small startup working with both software development and machine learning, so it was a smooth transition.


As for my personal life outside of work, I have been playing piano ever since I was little and have a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in piano performance. It’s for classical piano, and I occasionally stream online during the pandemic. I also really love rock climbing in my spare time.

- What is your role at Webstep and what are you working with right now?

My role at Webstep is as a data scientist consultant. I’m currently on an assignment at Autoliv, which is a big Swedish-American company in the automotive industry. We’re working on an AI innovation program within the company as it could enhance forecasting, optimization, predictive maintenance, and data-driven quality control.

- How is life as a consultant at Webstep?

It’s great. There are a lot of activities, and we enjoy great support from our manager. If there are any diplomatic problems in an assignment, Webstep provides a lot of help regarding that kind of stuff. I haven’t been here all that long and it’s a pity I started during Covid as I haven’t met many people yet, only through online meetings. But I like the online meetings we have – they’re very structured. Also, we keep our cameras on so we can see each other. We also socialize after work and I think things have worked pretty well, I don’t think they could be any better as an online solution. I’m really looking forward to meeting everybody face-to-face when Covid is over.


I also enjoy our knowledge activities. They are great initiatives as it’s essential to learn how to work with presentations and how to present yourself, something I find really important.

- What do you like most about working at Webstep?

The knowledge activities, and things like that. On Tuesday we had a lecture about stress relief and a get-together after work with singers. It’s basically the culture, the atmosphere and the people I’ve met.

- Where do you find your inspiration?

That’s a tough question, since we have follow-up meetings with other members of the AI/analytics team where we get to hear what all our colleagues have been working on and draw inspiration from that, especially the work-related stuff.


Otherwise, I'm inspired by my partner who is a software engineer. He’s also working on personal projects and is very active. It really inspires me to work and strive for more. I try to be around people like my friends who inspire me to do more climbing, to play the piano more. This way we inspire each other.

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