Bare Metal Web Components

Åke Järvklo

Web solutions specialist

Why modern web standards rock
… or…
How I rediscovered the "bare metal platform" of my browser and learned to love it

What would happen if you actively chose to not rely on abstractions like frameworks, libraries, build chains, transpilers and whatnot for your component-based frontend architectures? Your web applications? your web pages? or even your design systems?

Would you still be able to efficiently create component-based web pages and applications without having to endure using overwhelming efforts, annoying code repetition or unnecessary complexities if you did?
This session is about what I discovered when I dove in "under the hood" of the current web standards platform available in our modern browsers and what inspiration I found while looking at that platform from a "pure vanilla" web standards perspective.

As it turns out, there has been a lot going on in modern web standards (HTML5, CSS and Javascript) implementing a stable new, interoperable, baseline for frontend developers that wasn't available a few years ago.



If you want an inspirational overview of the new, cool, platform baseline that is available underneath libraries/frameworks/tools/et cetera like e.g. Lit, Fast, Lightning, React, Vue, Angular, Shoelace, WebC or why not tram-lite or maybe even the unicorns of Ponys - this is a session for you.


Oh - and by the way, I will also touch on how web assembly comes into play in the overall web standard picture as well.


… so regardless if you identify your professional role as a back-ender, front-ender, full-stacker, generalist, architect or if you just happen to be curious about what new possibilities has been added to our browsers lately from a bird's-eye perspective - you're equally welcome to join.

About the event

  • Hybrid event: IRL at our Stockholm HQ office with the possibility to join in online
  • Language: English
  • Snacks and drink are provided on site

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