Remix and Frontend Testing with Webstep

Eje Thorarinsson

COO Uppsala

It's that time again! Webstep is hosting another event, and this time it's a double feature! Join our Frontend superheroes Marcus Stamström and Niklas Abrahamsson as they enlighten you in the following topics:

Why Remix is the future of web development

Remix is a full-stack web-framework that takes you away from spinnageddon, megabyte-sized bundles and bad developer experience. Learn why nested routes, error boundaries, and server-side rendering are here to stay, and how to get started with the future of web development.

Efficient Frontend testing

We all know that software testing is important, but it's often overlooked or not done in a valuable manner, especially in frontend applications. We can address this issue with a testing approach that is both efficient and creates valuable tests. By the end of this presentation you will achieve a greater level of understanding of how to utilize behaviour-driven development and testing library so you can be efficient in your frontend testing!

This is an online event, but if you would like to join us at our Uppsala office where we'll be hosting the event, you are more than welcome, send Eje a PM and we'll welcome you in full 3D!

Time: 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM CEST

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