Collaborative Programming

Erik Svensson

Developer & People Lead

Collaborative Programming

- methods from a cultural persective

Join Erik Svensson's talk which will cover collaborative programming methods such as mob and pair, from a cultural perspective rather than a tooling perspective.

Hands-on collaboration has great benefits in agile organisations. For the individual, the team and ultimately the product. But implementing a collaborative team culture can be tricky. I will share real-life experiences from my past 4 years of daily collaborative programming and will aim to answer questions like these:

Can you do mob/pair programming while working remotely?

-What are the short and long term effects on your team?

-What other aspects than code are improved by increasing your team's collaboration level?

Join this online event which will last approximately 1 hour + discussion.

Erik Svensson is an experienced developer, architect and team lead. Having worked in the US and Sweden he is a consultant at Webstep currently working as People Lead at Betsson in Stockholm, Sweden. You can find more about Erik here

About the event

This is an online event that will be held in english.

When: Nov 11th at 17:00 CET

Registration for the event: Stockholm Meetup

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